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The Making of Decorators to Options API Transpiler

Posted April 9, 2023
20 mins
#dx #typescript #Vue #tools #compilers

A somewhat detailed explanation of the technical implementation of the Decorators to Options API Transpiler

By Gonçalo Marantes

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Functional Programming with JavaScript

Posted October 25, 2021
15 minutes

Do you stress about how to organize and structure your code? How should you store your variables? Should your arguments be passed by value or reference? How should your functions present their results? Should your program hold an internal state? Using functional programming, all your questions will be answered.

By Gonçalo Marantes

Pimp My Terminal

Posted September 8, 2021
15 minutes
#Technical #Miscellaneous

For us developers, our terminal is our one stop shop for pretty much anything. We rely on it for installing packages, perform system analysis and spring up whole software projects. For those reasons, we should show it some love and affection.

By Gonçalo Marantes

Logical Array Operations with JavaScript ES6

Posted February 11, 2021
5 minutes

Are you tired of doing nested for loops and if statements? Surely there must be a better, more readable and efficient way for array manipulation... Worry not, I will tell you the secrets of writing beautiful code. So open up your terminals, get your hacker groove on, it's time to code!

By Gonçalo Marantes

My Favorite Tools and Resources for Graphic Design

Posted January 27, 2021
15 minutes
#Opinion #Technical

Hello again friends, and welcome to my second article. This time we'll be discussing the tools and resources I use when coming up with a design. I will mainly talk about UI design, which is what I mostly do, it applies to anything even remotely related. Keep in mind that anything I mention here is my personal preference and stuff I use almost everyday. So without any further ado, let's get into it.

By Gonçalo Marantes